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February Pollen?

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Last week I posted the following video on the Honeyrun Facebook page. It was all fuzzy, and I wondered whether it was my phone or Facebook that messed it up. Looks much better here.

That was just a few days ago. Now the maples have bloomed and there is much less interest in our little bird bath treat.

That's right, the maples! In February! I wish I had a photo for you, but the bees were all working high in the trees. I did however get a decent closeup of the pollen coming in. The maple pollen is the pale yellow.

But if you look closely you can see another bee with red on her legs. This is pollen from the purple dead nettle. 

Maple bloom and dead nettle bloom. February 20th. We're not talking Georgia. This is mid-Ohio! We've been walking around in t-shirts for the last week. Is something funny going on? Something unusual?

Or are we on our way to a forth consecutive record breaker!

The way it's looking, somebody better call Guinness.