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The Valentine's Shift

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Happy Valentine's! Are you love birds ready for another captivating yet comical, cultivating yet sensual glimpse into the dim lit back rooms of the bee farm? Are you? Huh? Are you!!

That's what I thought!       (To borrow a phrase from our illustrious President Camacho.)

Well turn off the lights, close the doors, kick back with your valentine, grab your bottle of cheap wine, your expensive chocolates, your protection if necessary, and prepare to be aroused!

Cheap wine bottle( s ) !!!     Dr. Love prescribed two.

Cheap wine bottle(s) !!!     Dr. Love prescribed two.

But speaking of our illustrious president...  (Sorry to kill the mood so soon, but I've got a question) ...Speaking of our illustrious president, what's all this I keep hearing about the Trump Travel Band? Have you heard them? Are they any good? They seem all the rage on NPR. What's that? Yeah, on NPR. You know, NPR? Hello? Where the highly educated elite gather our daily news. Never heard of them? What?! Oh, never mind. It's way above you commoners anyway. Right over your heads. You tire me.

Back to the bee porn for you.

Man oh man, are they lookin' gooood!

Whooo hooo! Damn fine!

Now there's a nice piece of Apis!

Now there's a nice piece of Apis!

This time of year we work our way into what I have termed the "Valentine's Shift." 

Write that down. "The Valentine's Shift." It's a phrase I coined, let me see... approximately five minutes ago.  It means we begin to turn our energies from winter projects to the more important spring tasks and preparations. Namely, bees. 

Back at the end of December I told you about all the truckloads of fill being dumped on the west side of the honey house-- winter project. Now we have a structure sitting on that fill and coming right along.

It's still not the most effective thing. Especially the roof. I got soaked in a rainstorm the other day.

Who the hell built this leaky thing?

Who the hell built this leaky thing?

But it is coming together. Eventually these winter projects seem to run their course. Between now and St. Paddy's Day, we close the book on winter and start thinking about that rush of spring pollen right about the corner. Just like St. Paddy's is synonymous with clovers and green beer, around here, spring is synonymous with bees. We've really got to focus and start thinking about all that green beer! Excuse me, I mean all those bees! Focus!

Not Irish.     So don't kiss me.

Not Irish.     So don't kiss me.

I'm referring to the Valentine's Shift. It has already begun.

In the photo above, I'm holding a nuc box. A baby beehive. Or, sorry, it will soon be a baby beehive when we put bees in there. This happens about the middle of April to be exact. But a nuc doesn't stay a baby for long. About the middle of June you've got yourself a big fat honey making hive. If you're interested in beekeeping and want buy a baby beehive (or a few hundred), we've got them! But you're in the wrong place, silly. Go to the home page and click on "Nucs For Sale." 

 We're putting together 400 of these things.

The table saw has been getting quite a workout during the Valentine's Shift. Between the new lean-to going up and the 400 nuc boxes, the thing has been screaming almost daily. Bridger loves it. He hauls literally truckloads of sawdust!

Some kids run toward the sound of an ice cream truck. Not this little sonofa blogger. He's got his own, let's say "rustic" acquired tastes. Oooh... What's that I hear? The noisy dangerous thing that throws dust!! Gotta go! See ya Mom...

But I digress. Let's shift back the other direction shall we?

After all, it is Valentine's Day, dontcha know?

Dontcha know? It takes a worried man to sing a worried song.

Dontcha know? It takes a worried man to sing a worried song.

Bet you didn't think we could fancy up like this? Well, you obviously don't know your beekeepers in mid February.

My Valentine and I found ourselves at a "Luxury Party." Fraternizing with the elites. 

It was a sampling of sister Becky's glamorous friends. As you already know, wealthy produce farmers hang with a different crowd. NPR types. A comfortable fit for me. I spent the evening discussing international politics. Jayne however, had difficulties controlling herself and several times tried to pounce on me. Luckily the horderves could at times provide a distraction.

We partook of exquisite delicacies privy only to the elites.

So  that's  why the beekeepers were invited...

So that's why the beekeepers were invited...

And for once we enjoyed adult conversation over adult beverages. No kids allowed!

It went late into the night.

"Yes Honey, these  are  in fact bedroom eyes. I'm sleepy as hell."

"Yes Honey, these are in fact bedroom eyes. I'm sleepy as hell."

A fun little pre-valentines Valentine's date.


So I'm going to leave you lovers with a romantic old Jeff Lynne tune. Mainly because I like it. But I also think it's a good one to serenade you into your Valentine's soirees. I mean, maybe it can't compare with the Trump Travel Band, but it will have to suffice.

So take it easy. Take it slow. Make it last. This isn't some seedy red light picture show. This is the Valentine's Shift. We've got to take this good love all the way to St. Paddy's.

Do you really want to take it that far?