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The Big Game

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

(Photo credit to the hard working commercial beekeepers in the almonds.)

Every year about this time, the drama begins to unfold.

It's time for the big game.

The stakes are high. There's a lot on the line. 

And that's why we leave it to the professionals.

It's smash mouth. It's hard hitting. It's intense. And they love it.

They play in all kinds of weather.

The rain, the sleet, the snow.

They have perfected their craft. They make it look easy under the worst conditions.

Most often, game time is set for evening.

And they'll play right on through the night.

Under the lights.

A broken bone is not uncommon. Protective head gear has improved in recent years, but they still see a concussion now and then.

But these guys (and gals) are professionals. They can handle it.

To play at this level, you've got to be bigger,



And you've got to know your stuff. This is no place for amateurs.

Amateurs love to preach. They love to yammer, "One third of everything we eat is pollinated by blah blah blah....   Raw honey is good for blah blah.... and bees fly fifty trillion miles to make one ounce of blah blah blah... Einstein once said that if all the bees blah blah blah...."

The professionals quietly preform miracles and collect their paycheck.

This is  February  folks!

This is February folks!

As stated, they know their stuff.

Sometimes they even give us a halftime show.



It's an amazing thing. And it's happening right now. Two million hives pollinating the California almonds...

So that I can chew on some nuts during the game, watch Lady Gaga, and say, "You know, one third of everything we eat is pollinated by blah blah blah..."