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Return of the Seth

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Me again. Were you wondering what's happened to Jayne on these blog posts? I wondered the same thing for a while. I think there has been an unspoken compromise. She'll handle Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email, magazine advertising, promotions, contests, give-aways and all the social correspondence that goes along with catching the interest of the vast majority.

For the very few of you fogies who still like to read something, I'll handle the blog. (Thus the title of this post. I thought maybe I could capture some of the nerd/geek/beek, Star Wars/Star Trek market.) 

I'm sure you'll see Jayne again if there's something important to say.

And let's get real, calling this reading is quite a stretch. Not that I'm apologizing for myself. I'll admit, I'm no Hemingway. But this is the best I can do. I'm apologizing for you. What are you thinking? Trying to broaden yourself with a bee blog?? The shame! Go pick up a book for Christ's sake! If you want to get a feel for commercial beekeeping, 'Old Man and the Sea' would be a good one.

And that brings me to this week's adventure. To save on shipping, I needed drive down and pick up a thousand deep frames in Kentucky-

But the darn GPS overshot Kentucky by 600 miles and landed this old man by the sea.

Smack on the Florida Emerald Coast to be specific. This is where I stayed.

If you look closely at the picture, behind the big ugly hotel and about a mile down the beach, there is a little green tent nestled in the pines. This is where I stayed.

The Emerald Coast happens to be the present residence of our long lost Seth. Remember bee man Seth? He's in the Air Force now. Defusing bombs.

At Eglin Air Force Base they have an armory museum with dozens of planes, helicopters, tanks, bombs, guns, and so on.

Seth demonstrated his expertise and politely explained that this bomb wasn't real.

"Not real."

"Not real."

And he also politely took me around the base. Here you see an SR-71 Blackbird. The fastest plane ever flown, topping 2000 mph. I had a model of one as a kid. Seth brought me to the real thing.

Home in half an hour?

Home in half an hour?

But we didn't have time to mess around with the Air Force forever. After all, we were in the Sunshine state. And that called for a fishing trip.

We slayed 'em.       (mmm... not reallly)

Wait, did I say I'm no Hemingway? I take that back.

Wait, did I say I'm no Hemingway? I take that back.

Now kids, I realize I'm not the most wholesome role model with that fat stogie between my teeth. But if you'll forgive me just this once, I only smoke cigars on special occasions. The special occasion being that it was offered to me.

That's right, kids. Your body is a temple. Remember that. 

And you can bet my temple is squeaky clean. I apply the same stringent guidelines to hard liquor and drugs.

So we spent two days defending our coastal waters against the insurgent threat of red and white snapper. On Monday it was back to class and drill sergeants for Seth. For me, if the GPS could get it right this time, I still had chores to attend to in Kentucky.

Darn GPS. It's expensive when they don't work right.

And expensive when they do.