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The important work of the world

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

I've had the pleasure of working the Worthington Market for two weeks in a row. And that hasn't happened in a few years-- five market hours for two consecutive weeks! I'm pleased to report that there were zero fights with customers, zero bee knowledge discrepancies, and only one small disagreement (fight) over something with our set-up. It was with my lovely wife. My love and my light.


And it wasn't even a big one. A trifling little discord, paling in comparison to some of our blowups in years past. Are we mellowing?


One of the benefits of Jayne being there is that the second-stringers can wander and slack. Maizy spends many of her market hours chasing sugar of one form or another, and I spend a fair amount of time people watching and lost in my thoughts. Sometimes I make it out to talk to old friends. But in the last two weeks I've really gotten to know a new friend. And for this post I want to tell you about him.

He comes every week and sets up beside us, taking on sort of a management role. Yesterday he even napped for the first two hours, because, lets face it, anyone can sell lettuce.


If you've been to the Worthington Market, you know it's pretty intense. But through it all, he's calm, he's collected. He knows when to lend a guiding hand, when to back off and let others figure it out.


He talks of life.


Of the important work that got done that week.


He takes care of himself. Eats right.

Is highly intelligent.

Carries himself with a certain stateliness.

Has multiple interests.

There is a distinct light in his eyes, unclouded by today's cynicism.


Which is good.

I suspect he'll live longer than most of us.


Which is good.

We're handing him a slightly problematic world- from acidifying oceans to nuclear missiles in the hands of lunatics. 

I'm sure he'll figure it out.


Find that funny, do you? Ye of little faith.

I mean it. He'll figure it out. He's young, but he's got broad shoulders.


My little friend will carry the load.

Just exactly as I have observed in the last two weeks.

While the rest of us are busy selling stuff, he handles the important work of the world.

And he makes it look easy.