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I know who I'd like to blame

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Well, a week has passed. It seems I wasn't the only one fired up. In fact, the story became a national firestorm. (Only after I sounded the alarm.) Hate and rage on both sides of the issue... finger pointing, side stepping and an unbelievable amount of spin. How someone can look past the obvious cruelty and spin this as: 1. That'll teach them... 2. They had it coming... 3. You break the law, you pay the price... 4. Those aren't really the parents... 5. This has always been done.... 6. Typical hysteria of the drive-by media... 7. Typical media hate on Trump... 8. Obama did it first... 9. Happens to our own criminals every day-- they don't get their kids... 10. The Bible says follow the laws... 11. The whole thing is a complete fabrication...

What a bunch of BS. If anything, this week taught me how very polarized we are. How quick we are to scream and blame and point fingers. We fight on Facebook while a bunch of lost kids sit in cages. Is this Trump's fault? Obama's? Republicans? Democrats? Who is to blame for this?

Jayne and I saw Todd Snider in Nelsonville last night. He's not political. He says he only comes up with this stuff because it rhymes.

Anyway as you can tell, I'm still fired up. But it's nice to know that most of the country is on my side. It seems that some laws may actually get changed. And hopefully in short order. As I said last week, it's a bit dangerous for me to get political on a blog post. Even on an issue so cut and dry. I mean, this is not Boston or Boulder or Bellingham. If you don't watch out, they'll call you names down here in southern Ohio. Lefty. Hippy. Bleeding heart. Snowflake. Softy. Sympathizer. Schmuck. Patsy. Fool. And sometimes even the most intolerable of insults... the height of repugnant labels... the most odious and insufferable brand of them all- they might call you a liberal.

I looked it up. It's hideous: 


Let's hope I never go over that edge.

So setting politics aside, what's happening on the bee farm? 

Not a lot. Still treating bees, still dodging the rain and sitting in the truck. Which leaves plenty of time for fighting on Facebook.

I think we had four or five inches this week. I worked the market this morning alongside sister Becky of Tilley Farmstead. She pulled weeds in the mud and the downpours all week. She and I feel the same way- we put our minds to the task and just bear it. We've grown callus. If it's not over an inch, shoot, we barely even notice. Just a half inch this afternoon? Is that all you got? You call that a rain?

It's getting really old. Just like the snow in April was getting really old. The weather is weird and getting weirder. But hey, what can you do? Who can you blame?

 I still had this photo in my phone. It's the scene on the first official day of spring:


And here we have the scene on the first official day of summer:


We were blessed with two more inches later that evening. I guess I had it coming.

Who knows, maybe we'll luck out with the fall.

As you might imagine, the bees don't do much on these wet days. They hang out. Some like to do something called "washboarding." It's a cool little dance at the hive entrance. 

Nobody knows why bees do this. It is of yet, an unexplained phenomena. But they're bees- creatures of mystery. Not like us, the sensible, sane and rational Homo sapiens.


It was fair week here in Pickaway. We sensible and sane humans gathered up our projects and threw our hats in the ring.


The competition was intense. Pride and ribbons and bragging rights on the line.


Mason took home a second place with his ducks and champion in beginner showmanship.

Maizy cleaned up with ten blue ribbons in the flowers and crafts!


And Eden mostly just helped clean up.


It's not exactly the same, but even here in Ohio we lock our kids in cages. I wonder who's to blame?