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Spring Break

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

If you have awakened from hibernation and care to peak your head out, you'll find that our Ohio spring has arrived about 60 days early this year.

The bees seem to be loving it. They're eating us out of house and home! 

The kiddies, the goats, the kitties, also loving it.

A kid'll eat ivy too. Wouldn't you?

A kid'll eat ivy too. Wouldn't you?

Of course the obvious answer to this wonderful winter heat is climate change. Carbon levels shooting through the roof. (This just in: 2016, hottest year on record. Three consecutive record breakers! '14, '15, '16. Boom! Boom! Boom!) Keep it up, man! Hells yes, you need a lift kit on that F450! (And some bigger tires won't hurt nuffin.)

But that's just the obvious answer. I for one would like to give a little credit to our new President Camacho. Sworn in just today! See, I told you he was going to fix everything!

Won't hurt nuffin, Muffin.

So this week we had ourselves a little spring break. Three of us anyway. Myself, Mom and eight year old Mason. The younger (and louder) half stayed with Grandma.

We went west. To the Grand Canyon.

There, we found winter. Long lost winter.

Jayne and I had talked it over before Christmas, and we thought it would make a great gift for our young energetic hiker. And we were right!

The views were spectacular!

Eventually things cleared up. The lower we got, the hotter it got.

At the bottom we stopped. Two nights of camping. 55 degrees. Not too shabby.

I tried to explain some geology, some stratigraphy, some deep time... to my eight year old.

"Dad, just let me take a picture."

Don't get too excited!

Don't get too excited!

All geology gurus know what I'm showing here at the bottom of the canyon. Above my hand- 570 million year old rock. Below my hand- 1.8 billion year old rock. The Great Unconformity. Wow! Just sit back and ponder this awhile!

We did.

They had signs to explain the significance of this.

Written in "geology."

Written in "geology."

After two days of oohing and aahing, and maybe learning a thing or two, it was nine miles back up to the top.

Where we again found winter. Long lost winter.

But we didn't stay in the snow very long. On Wednesday we made it back to heat wave Ohio. What a wonderful little trip.

On Thursday, delivering more honey to the Dublin Whole Foods, I found out they've taken an ironically peculiar angle to pushing our product.

Because nothing goes better than hot tea mixed with honey on these frigid January days!