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Fighting the Weather

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Well, it was nice to see the bees out and about today.

Considering where we were a week ago. I went up north last Friday to buy a bunch of nuc boxes, and within ten minutes of loading I couldn't feel my fingers or toes.

Yes, we're selling nucs this year! (Stay tuned.)

Yes, we're selling nucs this year! (Stay tuned.)

I think it was a balmy -15 degree wind chill that day.

Just a few days later, temp of 55, we filled our January quota for the Hocking Hills. 

In the rain.

But it was still cool.

We had just a tad of rain this week.

Kidding. Not that much. Sorry to scare you. This is an image from California where they really are drowning this week. Many beekeepers are starting to wonder whether the great almond pollination is even going to happen. They have less than a month to dry out.

What we dealt with is wind.

Nasty, hard, fast, long wind. You can see it tore the greenhouse to shreds. I asked Lafe to work on the clean up, and he decided that the goat pen was more important. Whatever works, right?

That same gusty wind in the bee yards turned out to be a problem. About 10 lids got flipped off and one stack of supers came crashing down.

I spent today going from yard to yard, checking up, cleaning up. By afternoon the last dozen yards were checked in a solid downpour. It made things interesting. I found out that the Pilot can handle itself nicely in mud.

Maybe we're ready for California.