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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


Promoting Local Honey

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

This week, amidst the honey pulling, soap making, honey extracting, feeding, treating and winterizing of bees, amidst the trick-or-treating, parent-teacher conferencing, boy scouting, basketballing, piano lessons and library run-around of kids... we were invited to do something special. We got a sneak preview of a new honey store!

THE HONEY HOUSE has a grand opening this weekend. It's an artsy little place in downtown Grove City right across from the new library. Jim and Cindy, long time beekeeping friends took the leap.

Jim North has been a bee mentor of mine for years. He still runs bees for bulk honey production and pollination here in central Ohio, but I guess he's decided to get a taste of the retail side of things. 

CIRCLE BEE APIARIES is his honey business, and of course takes center stage in the new store.

I counted a least four shades of honey. Which, as you know, can happen right here in Ohio- Spring, summer, fall seasons, and just south in the woodsy part of the state, Jim has yards producing tulip poplar and blackberry honey.

There was also some nice looking fall pollen on display, along with a lot of artwork. (For sale, I assume.) What would you give for that awesome self portrait?

Some bee garb, and HONEY HOUSE garb...

And of course, the fancier stuff-- some bee-themed pottery, comb honey, chunk honey, and our very own infused and cinnamon honey.

Looks like they're going make a go of selling Jayne's soap!

And one of the coolest things- do-it-yourself bottling tanks! Light, medium and dark honey available, truly LOCAL honey. Use the quart or pint jars provided, or simply bring your own container and load up on as much as you want. They've got a scale to price it.

THE HONEY HOUSE in the old part of Grove City. Come check it out!

Ok, enough about Jim North. 

Back to Honeyrun Farm. I thought I would add a little more to this post-- show you another store doing an awesome job of promoting local honey.

This is the grand honey display in the Giant Eagle Market District on 3rd Ave:

Look at that! Wow! Talk about selling honey!

Very awesome display...

And that's just the honey. There are other displays for other local products scattered throughout the store. This store is truly doing something special.

Even before you walk in, you're greeted with a Wall of Local-- 

David and Chris, managers at this Market District, took me out to show off their wall. I was flattered and happily surprised. There we were, Honeyrun Farm, sandwiched between the famous Warren Taylor of Snowville and the beautiful, charismatic Dara Schwartz of Darista Dips. (To whom we sell honey.) What a treat! What an honor!

Promoting local- Come check it out!