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Thank God, it's finally over!

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

We're done! Last of the fall honey! Done!

What's that? Oh, you thought I meant the election? Well, true, thank God that rotten thing is over also. But let's please stick to more important matters.

Like pulling the last of the goldenrod honey:

Yesterday, bright and sunny, I finished up with the last two yards by mid-afternoon.

Today the last frames are run through. The last of the honey is spun out.

The last drums are filled. The last of the wax is rendered.

The last supers are stacked and stored.

This week marked the end of the liquid feeding.

And the last of the pollination hives came out of the pumpkins.

At Lohstroh Family Farms the bees did a great job... producing cattle feed.

This week capped off the productive part of the year. But as you may know, bee work never ends, it only changes.

And oh yes, now back to that other big event.

We were not so busy that we couldn't get out to preform our civic duties.

As Bridger is indicating, I tend to throw my vote to the Green Party. (Throw away my vote...?)

But this year, things were different. It was nasty. It was rotten. It was divisive. It was hard fought. I kept hearing that the future of our nation hinged on my decision.

So... being male, being white... being uneducated and living in the Midwest, I elected to cast my support to a proven winner.

Hey, 3.2% ain't bad!      (If you're playing Powerball.)

Hey, 3.2% ain't bad!     (If you're playing Powerball.)

Boom! That's right! The Libertarian Party- cleaning up with over three times the Green vote! Go back to your twigs! Go back to your straw houses, Green Girl!

And now here we are. The aftermath. Picking up the pieces in a brave new world. Backward or forward, we continue to climb that step stool of social justice.

In some ways, life seems just the slightest bit more interesting.

And in other ways, I'm reminded of my favorite Who song- Because there's nothing in the street... looks any different to me...

I'll pick up my guitar (hive tool) and play.

Just like yesterday.

Then I'll get on my knees and pray...

We don't get fooled again!