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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


Let's start with the good news

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Well, the good news is, it looks like we’ve got a few days in a row without rain.

No, wait…


One last kick in the ribs on Monday. Even on a day that promised only a 30% chance of showers, we somehow managed 1.25 inches in a single intense hour. I’m so calloused to it by now. I walked out of the honey house and thought, Is that all you got?

It was just enough to make my little duck happy.


By Wednesday we were drying out. The other ducks began to wonder about climate change… Where did all our water go?


And I could finally take a risk on doing some laundry.


If only someone would invent a machine that would sort of tumble and heat clothes at the same time. Some sort of drying machine. I could do a load more often, like once a month. Instead of once every three. Jayne would love me! …If only…

It’s beginning to feel like summer.

Here’s the good news. Remember that rescue box I put out? It functioned as a catcher of homeless bees after the raging waters took an entire yard. I’m happy to say it worked. It’s now safe on high ground at my parents’ place. Eden points it out—


It was so packed full of bees, I put another brood box on top after adding a queen. Checking back today, I found an entire frame of eggs. It’ll be a strong hive in a couple months. Yay! Salvaged one.

Thanks by the way, for all the comments and sympathies. Jayne put news of that little flood disaster on social media and it got more shares and comments than I’ve ever seen. And I have to say, it’s nice to feel loved. Even though I couldn’t help feeling a twinge of guilt, considering the real suffering the farmers are going through. Yes, it was a shocker, and yes we felt pretty sad about it. But no, we’re not about to go out of business, as some of your comments insinuated. ;)

Nevertheless… taking advantage of our sudden internet celebrity—

Did you see the GoFundMe I started? For our recovery efforts, I mean? It’s the Honeyrun Farm Go Fund Bee: I estimate that bee yard’s value (including reparations for emotional distress) to be approximately $1,000,000

To date, we’ve raised approximately $0.

But I know your heart is in the right place. I know you want to save the bees. You’ll reconsider… do you really need to make that rent payment? Do you really need diapers for the baby this month? Please, please consider the bees. Your friends, my friends, the bees.

Ok, in other good news:


We’re still running spring honey! It’s been slightly better than I anticipated. The buckets are piling up.

We won’t be going out of business this year, if Maizy has anything to say about it.


Just look at the beautiful white flow! Delicious!

I think it’s even prettier and more translucent than last year’s spring. But maybe I’m just biased. Come check it out this Saturday. We’ll have it up at Worthington.

In other good news:


Lots of wax!

We’ll have those candles brightened up soon with some brand new cappings wax.


And in other good news:


The tulip poplar has panned out again! That’s three years in a row!

As some of you know, we keep 30-40 hives in a couple locations near the Hocking Hills. The purpose being, to produce this dark, rich and lovely varietal honey. You can’t make it here in the flatlands, it requires about an hour drive to the dark hill country.

I was happy to come home with some weight on the truck.


So there it is. The good news.

But if you’re still dwelling on the bad news, if your heart is hurting and your wallet is burning… no problem. There’s still time to donate. Honeyrun Farm Go Fund Bee.

Just contact my lawyer at: 1-800-SAUL-GOODMAN.


It’s all good, man!