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Package Bees- Addendum

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Can’t we all just get along?

Following Brian’s comments on that last post, I began thinking about a scenario that often happens with package bees. It occurred to me that this oft repeated scenario is beneficial to both the package folks and anti-package beekeepers. And so often we help each other while pointing fingers and dismissing the other party.

Give me a minute to take you through this:

-Package Bees (Pro-package beekeeper installs a package.)

-Honey (Package builds quickly into a hive and produces a box of honey off the wonderful spring flow.)

-$$$ (Pro-package beekeeper rushes around extracting and selling the wonderful honey.)

-Swarm (Because of the rush, the hive isn’t resupered in time. Bees swarm from lack of room.)

-Bee Removal (Swarm annoyingly ends up in a garage wall. Anti-package beekeeper gets a call.)

-$$$ (Charges for the removal, and places bees in the backyard apiary.)

-Overwinter (Takes the “wild” hive through the winter.)

-Queens (This anti-package master beekeeper breeds the progeny of the hardy overwintered stock.)

-$$$ (Sells locally adapted queens from wild and hardy overwintered stock.)


See how easy that was? This happens all the time. We really can get along. To the benefit of each party.

Now how about you try it? I’ve taken care of the hard part—beekeeping.

I can think a number of other issues tearing this country apart— guns, drugs, immigration, abortion, racism, sexism, taxation, healthcare, income inequality, etc… you name it. Get to work! I want solutions! Compromise! Nuance!

Granted, none of these are quite as complex as the beekeeping problem. That’s why it took me a few days to figure it out. But you can do it!