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The greatest post that never was

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Boy, did I have a good one for you this week.


First I was going to get you laughing at that goofy picture of Bridger trying to ride a goat.

You see, we’ve been building a lot of fence lately. The idea being, maybe someday we’ll have something in here besides goats. Maybe something a little bigger to ride.


When you’re building a fence, specifically on the most miserable few days of the year, digging postholes one after another after another all day long, there’s little to do but think. The machine was too loud to listen to podcasts. The job itself, too simple to mandate attention.. why not plan out a great blog post?

I mean, I’ve got all these thoughts hammering around.

Just look at that desolate sky, that impoverished grass.


Remind you of anything? A famous Andrew Wyeth maybe?


Sure, I’ve replaced Christina with a Bobcat skid steer loader, but don’t tell me that’s not art.

So the idea was to artfully connect my posthole digging horizons to my feelings about Christina’s World, then metaphorically associate those ominous thoughts with current events. (All after starting with goofy Bridger riding the goat.) I wanted to start you out laughing and then soon have you crying.

The next phase was designed to piss you off.

This week’s big current event was the good people of New York sending mighty Amazon packing.

Hey Bezos, take your 25,000 jobs and shove it!

Hey Bezos, take your 25,000 jobs and shove it!

Which I thought was awesome, but it sure pissed off a lot of people. And maybe I’m wrong, but I’m assuming that you’re part of that pissed off throng. I’ve talked to a few angry people this week. How dare those New Yorkers! Don’t know what’s good for them…

Am I completely alone on this? The one and only midwestern voice of dissent? Is it really ok for a company to skirt three billion dollars in taxes?? How dare those New Yorkers?…How dare they what? Expect to be able to get to work??


(No, you’re right… I don’t know all the details… but I still think it’s awesome. Definitely a non-bootlicking move.)

So I was planning to rile you by trying to be the lone voice of reason, then maybe bring you back around with some Springsteen.

…asking you to particularly pay attention to those last few lines… and maybe see the great “philanthropy” of Amazon in a different light.

And while I had you wavering, I was going to hit you with a favorite quote from my favorite author/farmer.


While you chewed on all that, I was going to covertly declare myself a Bernie lover.


And really piss you off.

Then switch it up, and say whoa, wait a minute, I’m just kidding! I’m a capitalist! Look at what I do. Besides, I would never align my doctrine with an admitted socialist. Blasphemy!

Having taken you for a ride— laughing, crying, reflective, pensive, pissed, confused, wavering, maybe illuminated…


…but maybe just pissed again— I was going to finish it with the assurance that I’m still a true red blooded American business owner. A capitalist through and through. A good and wholesome capitalist beekeeper still on the home team to the very last drop of honey.

Most likely you’d still be pissed.

And that’s why I decided against it. A blog post like that is not only dangerous, it’s hard work. Not to mention, way over the head of a beekeeper.


Jayne thought my little nap was Instagram worthy. (Little did she know, I fell asleep planning the greatest blog post ever.)

But alas, I awoke, and came to my senses— You, the good, honest, hard working, (and highly intelligent) folks who read this are looking for kids riding goats. Stick with kids riding goats, dummy! It was a good start to a post that would’ve turned into a train wreck.

And oh yeah— bees. Stick with bees!

Thankfully, before I could lay all this on you, Ohio beekeeper Peggy Garnes saved me by sharing a bee article.

IMG_0476 (2).jpg

I was fortunate enough to hear Bret Adee speak last October. What a great great man… who has been put through the meat grinder.

It’s a short and depressing article if you choose to read it. And here you go… why not another song? You know, to set the mood for reading.

It could have been the greatest post ever. Or, more likely, it could’ve been a jumbled pile of spaghetti. Lucky for you, I’ll just leave you with some unnerving bee world thoughts. And more questions—

Who are those wolves? What are those wolves? Varroa mites? Farm chemicals? Hard luck? Corporations? Governments? The whole system?

How about another quote to finish up. Another from the Great One—


And yet another question— Are we living in Christina’s World?