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You picked a fine time to leave me.

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

And off she goes.


Jayne and a buddy spent the week hiking the deserts of southern California.

She left me. And here I am. Four hungry kids and a crop in the field.

About the middle of the week my dad called and wondered if I needed any help.


He’ll sit in the combine all day helping my brother. The harvest is an intense season for a grain farmer. But bee work?

It’s true, we’re still plugging right through the fall honey.


And it’s true, I wouldn’t mind a hand lugging those heavy supers, not having to hustle to beat the afternoon school bus.

But bee work? Really? That’s a more of a young man’s game. Some do it, Jim North comes to mind, but mostly beekeepers tend to hang it up on the hard, physical stuff in their 70’s and 80’s. Sorry Dad. Maybe you can be our official certified taste tester.


No, he says. I meant, do you need help with the kids?

Oh, the kids? No, I’ve got that covered. School is an awesome parent. And by the time school is over, I’m worn out enough to kick back and watch a soccer game.


We’ve got all four in soccer this year. We’re busy!

Besides, even when our evenings were free, we found find positive, character-building activities…







Haha just kiddin’. Those awful dropped-g projects were undertaken months ago. Way back before we found Jesus.

As the spiritual head of the household this week, I felt it my duty to teach the kids peace, love, tolerance, forgiveness and empathy. You know, like all the religions claim to do.


Perhaps fightin’ could be added to those dropped-g projects… I have to say, there seemed to be more peace when Jayne was in charge.

Nevertheless, I put my little heathens to work. Maizy’s job was packing the daily lunches.


She did a good job, although she tended to pick favorites.

Eden and Bridger had the crucial responsibility of keeping our barnyard friends entertained.


And if our barnyard friends escaped the barnyard, they were to tell us before we had road issues.


Mason’s job was to keep the farmstand stocked and help with setting the table.

It’s ok, Mason. No need for cups.

It’s ok, Mason. No need for cups.

He did a decent job also.

Aside from keeping the peace, my job of course was to prepare the meals.

But one day it occurred to both Mason and I that we could make our respective jobs much easier.


We thought it was brilliant. Unfortunately it’s hard to keep everyone happy without Mommy.

Don’t worry Baby Girl, I’m sure Mom wishes she was back here eating fries and shakes. I’m sure she’s having a terrible time of it in that awful desert.