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End of the line

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Wow, has it been two weeks? Sorry about the delay. I guess Jayne and I have been having our own little government shutdown.

Plus we’ve been busy building walls.


Nothing worked. Eventually, relentlessly, the foreign wave overran our borders and swept us into oblivion.

Yes, we’ve been vacationing. Florida. But not for two weeks. No way! Impossible. We had the kids.

I’m hoping Jayne will fill you in on the highlights. Maybe next week? I’ve got a lot of great pictures, but we’re still somewhat in blog shutdown mode. We’ve had sort of a standoff. And thinking back, it resulted from a short conversation during one of our driving days. A conversation filled with half truths and small lies. The subject of doing this weekly blog came up and our talk went something like this:

ME- Honey, I’m tired of it.

HER- (long pause) Tired of what? The blog?

ME- Yeah. I mean, I’m not looking forward to it. Even with all the vacation pictures. It’s become work. It takes too much time and way too much mental energy.

HER- (long pause) Really?

ME- Yes, really. If it’s so easy, why don’t you try one once in a while? I mean, I try to be witty, I try to drum up interest, even be funny… sometimes I pour my heart out. And what becomes of all that? Nothing. I get ignored. No, worse than nothing… I get critiqued. Somebody doesn’t like my politics… my ideology is a problem… I’m doing something wrong with the bees… it starts to weigh on me, you know? The blog has become work.

HER- (long pause) Well, if you want me to do one, I will.

ME- Ok. Have at it.

You can tell I was shamelessly fishing for a compliment. Oh Honey, they’re so good! They really are! Please keep doing them… The problem was that she knew this. She could tell. And that’s why my compliment never came.

Or maybe not? Maybe she really is annoyed by them? I do know she hates it when I get political. Which is funny, because for the most part, our politics align. (Thank God.) She’s warned me more times than I can count. Don’t go there. You only piss people off! But I can’t help it. Politics are hilarious these days. And easy. Low hanging fruit, you know? Look at our president… I just can’t help it.

Regardless of the reasons, the shower of compliments didn’t come, and here we are. Two weeks later. Me refusing to blog, waiting for Jayne to do a vacation recap.

I guess I lost that battle, didn’t I? Oh well.

In retrospect, this all seems very childish and insecure.


But hey, at least I’m not getting political.

I’ve got a song for you. Something to really kick the year off right.

Sometimes I like to listen to these guys first thing in the morning. My good friends, Tom, Roy, Bob, Jeff, George, and Jim. They always set the day off right. My best friends, some days. Just listen to those harmonies! Take in those lyrics! Soak it up! You’ll see what I mean.

Well it’s all right, riding around in the breeze…


Well it’s all right…

As long as you’ve still got bees!