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Just happy to be here

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

What a load of crap, this weather.


Tis the season… let the complaining begin. For some reason, this year seems a bit worse than usual. I can tell it’s pretty bad when I actually look forward to my weekly Columbus deliveries. I know, some of you have to look at that awful gray mess of traffic every day, and I feel for you. I really do. I don’t know how you go on.

I guess it just makes our rare sunny day that much sweeter.

With the rain and the cold I’m now volunteering almost daily to take big bags of packages to the post office. Just to be warm and dry for a while. Just to feel some kind of purpose on another non-beekeeping day. I can zone out, I can reminisce, I can plan projects, or better yet, I can listen to a podcast. Of late, Joe Rogan and Bill Burr have been parting the clouds. Sam Harris, if I really want to think. And I’m open to suggestions… it’s looking like a long winter.

So did you have a good Thanksgiving? Judging from last week’s heavy grocery store orders, I think quite a few of you basted that turkey and covered those bread rolls with local honey. And believe you me, you’re better for it— having that bottle of golden nectar within arm’s reach— A sure fire way to impress your holiday guests. Trust me on this, it’s a clear sign of intelligence. A mark of culture. A touch of class. A dash of grace. A note of refinement. A stroke of finesse. A kiss of elegance. And of course a conversation piece, as you already know. Regaling your guests with your seemingly infinite knowledge of the natural world… You are wise beyond your years.

And what about the big game? Did you catch the game?


Yes, we sure did. And this year it definitely lived up to the hype, didn’t it? What a rivalry! What a clash of the titans! At one point, red in the face and screaming, it almost came to blows. They had an intense argument over the technicalities. As the official ref, I had to step in and explain that there’s really no difference between P-I-G and C-O-W. You’re still out in three misses. No reason to fight about it.

What a battle! What a weekend! And on a side note, flipping sports, we saw Ohio State beat Michigan.


For whatever reason, the kids just don’t see what the big deal is. However, they do like explaining why we can’t use the letter M when talking about Xichigan. They learned this in school. And they thought it was important to retain. I’m glad some things are sticking.

Between rainy days, we find things to do.


And we try to beautify the place wherever we go.

Here we have a beautiful dumpster ornament.


And here, Eden models a beautiful hive ornament.


The past two weeks, when it’s dry enough, my little princess has joined me in collecting hives. We’ve amassed quite a few.


We’ll be taking these girls into the apples next April. I’ve learned that it’s much easier to have them all in one place when that call comes, rather than running around at night, fighting the mud in the spring. Plus, it’s easier to take care of them here at home.

Eden entertains herself with my phone while I pick up pallets.


Sometimes I’m just amazed at what she’s able to capture.


If that ain’t fine art, I don’t know what is.

Between yards, we enjoy the fruits (and nuts) of her genius.


Having spent years in sunny Colorado, I sometimes wonder what I’m doing here. Then when I think back I realize, even surrounded by those beautiful mountains, I probably complained at least as much if not more. It was just about different subjects. Not the weather. I found other things— things of my own making. Loneliness and moneyless and general aimlessness probably topped the list. And when I think hard about it, maybe I should count myself lucky that the Ohio weather sits on top of the complaint list these days. What’s a rainy day now and then? One or two or six in a row? Who cares? At least I have a purpose. At least I have a good job.

And you really can’t beat the good company.