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Cool, a cow.

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Cow #1: "Did you hear about the outbreaks of mad cow disease?"

Cow #2: "Good thing I'm a helicopter."



This week, Jayne and I had a chance to take a bike ride in Amish country. We saw cows. Lots of cows.

And many more interesting things. If you ever get a chance to bike (or run) the hills of Holmes County, you won't regret it. For one, it's beautiful up there. Picture book scenery around every turn, and if you're lucky you'll pedal by several groups out and about. And, what's more, you'll probably receive some "Amish stares" from the kids. We never tire of those. Also, it's nice and slow. If you're biking, everything else is moving at your pace or slower. On the back roads, you see about as many horse and buggies as you do cars.

So I thought I could get out of this week's blog with a simple video. No not the cows. Something weirder. I just wanted to plug Amish country and, well, cows with the one above. Plus it was short. Plus YouTube was having a two-for-one sale.

No, the weird one is at the bottom. It's got bees, it's got beehives, but it's not about beekeeping. Nor is it about honey or Honeyrun Farm. We're trying to sell you nothing! Imagine that. In fact, it's way off subject. (Like last week's fairy tale.. hehe)

But it's interesting. And maybe somewhat cool... in a homeopathic way. You'll see. But if you want to call it weird, that's ok too. Somebody said as much in an email the other day:

(Name changed for  added  weirdness.)

(Name changed for added weirdness.)

Eli Rumspringa (Not her real name) thought she would do us the favor of some free website analysis while making a sales pitch for more FREE website analysis.

Don't you love it? 

I mean, she's right, our website could use some help. (Who's couldn't?) And comparing our social media efforts to "lame ducks" may or may not have been right on target. I don't know, that's Jayne's department. (But I'm sure Jayne enjoyed the insult.)

The thing that got me, was calling this blog "simply weird." It made me pause. Is it really? Maybe Eli Rumspringa (name changed for special effect) is right. What do you think, Best Beloved? Do fairy tales and talking cows and car killing Giants not sell honey? Is it really that weird? Or is she just making a hell of a sales pitch? Maybe I need to get me some of that FREE analysis.

Cow #1: "Mooooo!"

Cow #2: "Agreed."

So the following video is a little peek into how bees have helped me in other ways. I personally thought it was Facebook worthy, but Jayne cautioned me. You never know who's watching and what's going to get shared a thousand times. What if someone calls the bee police? I could wind up in handcuffs... you know, there are some awfully weird people out there.