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I guess it must be up to me

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

My beautiful young bride turns 37 today. Shhh... she's not up yet... but in about an hour she'll be driving to work, bringing you your weekly sweet goodness at the Worthington Farmer's Market.

 Yes, she's off to work on her big day. Meanwhile I run the kids around. I'm sure they won't even mention Mom's birthday. Selfish little gnomes.

She's the head of the household. Someone's got to do something for Mama.

I guess it must be up to me.

An ensemble of "Jayne's favorites." This week she declared guacamole her favorite food, surpassing even fine cheese. Of course chocolate, wine and coffee also make the list. We're going to try to brew coffee a bit quicker on the next camping trip.

And speaking of camping, Mason and I got in a little outdoors life this week.

It was my brother's idea. A two day float trip down the Big Darby. Ten of us total.

I know what you're thinking-- Do you ever work?? And the answer to that is-- No, not really.

We're beekeepers.

The spring honey is still flowing in, my back continues to hold out. It crested 90 degrees this week... I can't imagine anything more fun.

So when Justin called with his big idea, I left the business in good hands

...and went swimming with my nine year old.

We took our fishing rods along too. In the wilderness you've got to be prepared.

A bumper sticker I once saw: WORK IS FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO FISH.

Blithe but true.

My brother the model.      My oh my, what a large fish you have!

My brother the model.      My oh my, what a large fish you have!

In the wilderness you're always scratching and clawing for your next meal.

We could live off the land and imagine ourselves native Americans from time forgotten. 

My brother the model Indian.

My brother the model Indian.

...With just a few added perks like radios, tents and iphones. Yes, for two days we survived the wilds of mid-Ohio. Catfish for breakfast, oatmeal cream pies for lunch, Jet-boiled vacuum packed meals for dinner.

But what about brunch? What about a mid afternoon refresher?



I guess it must be up to me.

Sorry Mason. Keep paddling.