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Road Tripping

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

When you're on a long road trip it's important to have a decent crew.

Someone who knows all about vehicle maintenance. And of course you'll need experienced drivers, preferably wired up on caffeine and chocolate. A hearty soul or two or three, ready for the long haul.

And it's important to think BIG.

No more of these puny little trips to the Hocking Hills. No more measly three day campouts at the Ohio River. 

This year we took aim at the mountains!

Mountains? What mountains?

Mountains? What mountains?

And for two whole days we missed. It was rough.

No mountains in Kansas.

"The sun is ris, the sun is set, and here we is, in Kansas yet."

"The sun is ris, the sun is set, and here we is, in Kansas yet."

But eventually we found them.

Yes, we love our mountains.

And we love our camping too. Maizy stole my phone and snapped the above picture. (This shot and about a hundred others.) While deleting through, I saw this one and realized that she had captured me in demonstration of the essence of camping--  Spectacular scenery. Pitchin' tents. Plenty of eatin'. Plenty of drinkin' ...and droppin' that g. It's important when campin'.

For both Jayne and I, the Colorado mountains hold a special place in our hearts. We thought that this would be a good time to sort of baptize our children.

Hoping that maybe someday a few of them will see the light. And spread the good word.

Or at the very least, let us come and visit.

The mountains are especially attractive when they create a giant sandbox for your personal enjoyment.

And it's all the better when you manage to catch a ride to your sandbox.

Mom did a lot of ride giving and just plain carrying dead weight on this trip.

Especially in the snowy high country.

As long as someone was around to carry a tired and complaining kid, the kid seemed to have plenty of energy when we finally got there.

For five days we ran around the beautiful high alpine heart of Colorado-- my old place of employment. It's been 15 years. Wow! When I think about it too hard, I get a longing, reaching, aching knot in my stomach. The great Townes van Zandt said as much in his yearning mountain hymn.

(Notice the great songwriter also dropped the g.) A few lines almost bring tears: "Bid the years goodbye, you cannot still them. Well you cannot turn the circles of the sun. Ah you cannot count the miles until you feel them..."

Ok, enough reminiscing.

We visited old friends. Some of whom had also decided to procreate. 

We panned for gold.

And struck it rich. Here Baby Eden shows off the construction of our new mountain home.

(As soon as we find that five million dollar nugget.)

(As soon as we find that five million dollar nugget.)

Of course we shopped and sampled.  They're crazy about local honey in Colorado also.

And as always, we looked for new business ideas. 

Tar infused honey? The next big seller? Could be!

But really, who cares about local honey when there's a candy shop next door.

Come to think of it, the entire state is a candy shop.

It was Jayne's idea.

All four kids, eight days, over 3000 miles. I had my doubts... but it turned out just wonderful. ("I'm thankful that old road's a friend of mine.")

And I'm thankful to you for joining us. Sometimes a virtual road trip beats the real thing. Pretty pictures, less noise.