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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


Happy Thanksgiving- Come and get it!

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

 Oh, you're about out of honey? Well, lucky you, let's take a trip!

We're going heavy on the pictures this time. Pictures of stores. And I realize I could just make a list, but what fun is that? On that last post I got talking about my weekly honey deliveries and how much I 'love' it. I thought I would bring you along. No, this isn't even all of them. I'm skipping the restaurants, coffee shops, smoothy shops, bakeries, breweries and catering businesses, all using honey as an ingredient.

This is a trip to show you where you can find your very own bottle of Honeyrun Farm honey. Or pollen. Or soap... if you need to wash your mouth out.

Usually the delivery day starts at the North Market.


Inside you'll find Produce and Provisions selling a wide variety of Honeyrun honey along with a good selection of our lip balm. Just down the aisle, Better Earth also sells honey, soap and a variety of candles.

Next we head north to Grandview.


This Market District on 3rd Ave sells it all-- spring, summer, fall, infused, cinnamon, naturally granulated, pollen...

And just in case you forgot what you were there for, they also do a little advertising.


It's still early. Time for a juice and some Honeyrun bee pollen right around the corner at Zest.


After that, we knock off the first of the Whole Foods. This is the one on Lane Ave.


Then it's just a short stretch up to Kingsdale where we find our second Giant Eagle Market District.


Some weeks I'll have a little jog back east to hit Lucky's Market in Clintonville.


And just a stone's throw north on High St., is Wholly Craft selling a ton of Honeyrun Farm soap.


Got your mouth washed out? Good, because we're not even half done. So quitcherbitchin.

After Clintonville, we jump on 315 and head up to Dublin. Right off of Sawmill we find our second Whole Foods.


Still in Dublin, but across 270 we knock off our third Market District.


Then it's back to 315 N, where we find The Hills Market in Worthington.


And now across to 71N, at the Gemini exit we find Earth Fare.


If you're looking for summer honey, they've got it! Large and small:


But if you're more into buying local and international try Saraga back down on Morris Rd.


We are working our way to Easton, but sometimes we first need to knock off a delivery to Bexley. On Cassidy we find the Bexley Natural Market.


There, you'll find not only honey, but lip balm and a variety of candles.

Then, a little further south on Main St. we drop off at our fourth and final Market District.


And finally, it's out to Easton where we hit the big new Whole Foods.


And a couple miles away, still in the Easton Town Center, we drop off a huge assortment of our Ohio products at Celebrate Local.


Not done yet. Swinging on home past that southeast corner of town, the Smith Farm Market on Winchester Pike sells a wide array of Honeyrun Farm. All the varieties, including tulip poplar!


Every now and then, before leaving town, we have another pollen delivery to Alchemy on Parsons. 


This juice bar is squeezed between The Fitness Loft and The Crest Gastropub, buying gallons and gallons of honey for preparing whatever's on the menu.

About once a month, the Garden Herb Shop in downtown Canal Winchester will call and need some honey. Same too for Bluescreek Farm Meats up in Plain City. On these days, the delivery run takes a little longer. But usually I can wrap it up in four to six hours. That still leaves plenty of time to get back to the bees if we're in the thick of the season.

Jayne usually takes care of the Circleville stuff- Rhoads Farm Market along with the Health Food Cupboard and the Pickaway County Visitor's Bureau. But sometimes during the winter months, I like to knock off some Circleville deliveries while taking a kid or two and running errands.  Our biggest drop-off within 10 miles is Rural King on Rte 23 S. 


There, we depart with a load of honey and come home with a load of chicken feed. Along with plenty of free popcorn. (Eden makes her escape!)

But come to think of it, we have one big drop-off much closer. And it's easy. In fact, almost daily. Pet friendly and close enough to walk:


If you take a notion, come on down to the farm and grab a honey from our honor system farmstand. You'll find all the honey varieties and most of the soaps. But you won't find any customer service (except for Lucky dog). We're busy in the bees. 

But the good thing is, you can get your honey fix any time. We're open 24/7, weekends and holidays. Even Thanksgiving... much to the chagrin of our 'employees.'


Or, better yet, don't even leave your home... Get it online!

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