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How do you like them apples?

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Do you like apples?


We like apples.

This time of year we often see our life revolving around apples. A few weeks ago we had the good fortune of camping out at the Yeary apple orchard in eastern Ohio. It was a beautiful and warm starlit night in the heart of about 100 acres of just-picked apple trees.


Doug Yeary showed us around the place, and the following morning we drove home with about five bushels. Yes, we like our apples!

As you know, we do pollination work for several orchards. About 150 hives get trucked to the blooming trees. This is a springtime thing.


So I can't help but feel partly responsible for the ensuing fall fun and shenanigans.


Fun like the annual apple butter party thrown by our friend Kristen Baughman. Kristen happens to have a boyfriend who is a big apple farmer. His name-- Doug Yeary. So getting the apples is no problem. Is that why she keeps him around?  


It takes an entire day to cook the many bushels of apples into a rich, thick butter.

During which time, we find things to do.

Conscientious Mason removes his glasses before shoving his face into whipped cream.

Conscientious Mason removes his glasses before shoving his face into whipped cream.

Lots of food, lots of drink. And for those with a competitive nature... you can make a contest out of anything. I'm happy to report that the adult league pie eating competition was won by yours truly. (That was before the beer. Which fortunately was not a contest. Because I would have lost.)

Kristen's party has become a fall requisite. So much fun, so much entertainment! The more mature adults busy themselves with the apple butter. The kids mostly run wild. Or catch up on the gossip.


By nightfall the hard work of cooking, scooping, and jarring this stuff results in about 130 pints of deliciousness.


Those of us who found non-working things to do can still enjoy the fruits of other's labor. Fresh baked bread rolls are perfect for cleaning the last scraps of apple butter out of that big copper kettle. And perfect for wearing off a buzz.


Kristen lets us sleep it off in her big brick charismatic farmhouse. 

Then she cooks us breakfast.


Of course our groggy kids, weary from their night of debauchery, ignore the eggs, bacon and apple buttered toast. There's still leftover cookies!

They have their father's sweet tooth. And they share their mother's interest for things natural and good. 


One fall a long time ago I fell in love with a lover of apples.

And I got her number too.


How do you like them apples?