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Happy Anniversary

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Eleven years ago I got lucky. I know I don't deserve her, and yet she still lets me hang around. Year after year. We have surpassed one decade together, and I'm feeling pretty good about my chances for a few more.

We have even multiplied.

(Bridger's dream Christmas)

(Bridger's dream Christmas)

The above picture was taken yesterday in Decatur IL. To celebrate 11 years, Jayne took the kids and ran off. Yes, another anniversary vacation without me. (Vacation?  4 kids?...) 

I'm sure she'll make the most of it.

But before leaving, we had ourselves a wonderful kidless evening at this swanky place.

The Avenue is a Cameron Mitchell restaurant. They use Honeyrun Farm honey. So does The Guild House, another Cameron Mitchell. 

 And so do many other places around town. Places more our style. Jayne and I sometimes like to stop in for a coffee or a "market date" meal. It's fun see how a business uses your product. It's fun to deliver honey by way of the back door and get a glimpse of the inner workings. 

So  that's  how they do it...

So that's how they do it...

Until this Summer, I had only been privy to the receiving door at the classy Cameron Mitchell's. They were just too fancy for a market date! And too expensive to spend on, well, me. But between a birthday and an anniversary, both involving my beautiful wife, and grandparents who involved themselves with the watching of our kids, we have now managed to make it to both restaurants.

What a treat! For foodies. Wealthy foodies. And I suppose, wealthy beekeepers. Maybe it really is the best food I've ever had. Or maybe I'm just trying to believe it's worth the money. I don't know. It is different, I'll say that. Even for a foodie like Jayne.

The Cameron Mitchell Food: tall, dark, handsome, athletic build, with just the slightest hint of a sexy Spanish accent. 

How could I possibly compete?

So I finished my beer and began to glance around for the men's room. Didn't see it. Kept looking...didn't see it... maybe people don't pee in Cameron Mitchell restaurants?

Finally, about to burst, I asked Jayne.

"See that 'WC' in the corner? It stands for Water Closet," she said.

"Oh. Interesting...

...So where's the bathroom?"

Haha. Just kidding, I'm not that stupid. Everyone knows what a "water closet" is. 

It's this:

The guy in there smiled when I jokingly ordered a martini, but I detected a slight impatience. A bored annoyance with my country humor.

I did my business, really showed my class by taking a picture, then departed the water closet. (Let that be a lesson to you, guy. Fake smile = No tip.)

The evening had started with our waiter going over appetizers, one of which was a certain fondue dish served with Dan the Baker bread and drizzled with Honeyrun Farm honey. When the waiter took note of us making a big deal of ourselves, we assumed that the "free" dessert at the end of our meal was a little Cameron Mitchell token of appreciation. Or sympathy. (These are beekeepers... they're obviously not staying for our $6 slice of cheesecake.)

But we were wrong. It wasn't for our honey at all. It was simply a happy gesture of acknowledgment. A nod to the joys and woes of marital bliss; a salute to the brave, the bold, the stouthearted... the married. Another year, on the books! (And we liked it!)

The waiter winked and said, "You can even eat the little chocolate sign."

So we did.

And we liked it!


But I'm still waiting on that water closet martini.    Guy?