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Classic New Albany

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

While we're on the subject of festivals...

Last weekend while Jayne camped with friends in Kentucky, I was left to my own devices on what to do with four kids. Almost by accident, we ended up here:

The New Albany Classic.

It was mostly a Maizy idea. I mentioned a festival with horses.

Horses to pet, horses to ride, horses to feed and kiss and cuddle...

And would you believe, someone as cultured and highly refined as I, had never actually watched equestrian?

Well, check that off the list. We filled our cup last Sunday. 

As you would imagine, a New Albany festival held on the grounds of one Les Wexner, is not your ordinary little shin dig.

Your Mountain Dew, snuff-lipped spit-cupper crowd is nowhere to be seen. New Albany holds a different flavor... 

Not that you couldn't find your bloomin' onion. There were at least 20 food trucks there, and I assume that one or two would sell you some grease.... but it wasn't the norm. The longest lines were for Asian cuisine, burritos and Graeters ice cream. 

A little different on the recreation side also.

Ice skating on an 80 degree day? In New Albany, why not?

We spent some time in Hollywood...

Bridger finds an old friend.

Bridger finds an old friend.

...and ran from bouncy house to bouncy house.

There were six! (All with a different theme.)

Our kids love face boards. And at this festival, there were more than a couple.

But four kids and only three holes means a screaming fight.

Fortunately we had all afternoon to get things right.

Of course there were rides. Many rides. Mostly for the big kids... but big kid rides don't make for cute pictures.

And guess what? The rides were free! Well, sort of...

Unlike most festivals which nickel and dime you with every Tea Cup and Tilt-a-whirl, at New Albany once you pay to get in, you're in! Everything's included. You can ride and bounce and skate and zip-line all day long.

How much to get in? Well, I haven't the slightest. You'll have to find out when you go next year.

We were comped... it's been an offered perk of keeping bees up there for the past three years. (Given a VIB pass. Very Important Beekeepers) 

We have 20 mightily productive hives on the Les Wexner property. The deal is, I take care of the bees like any normal bee yard, but separate that honey from those hives during extraction so that they can buy back their own honey. That is, bottled and sold at our own wholesale prices of course. It works out pretty well. They buy 400-500 lbs each year and sell it at the New Albany Classic. 

The New Albany Classic among other Wexner functions.

Of the 30 some landowners who have a bee yard on their property, there is only one with whom I have never spoken. Hmmm. When we began this little arrangement, I had delusions of delivering rent honey to the Wexner estate, getting invited to hang out with Les and his buddies, talking bees, talking politics...

But it has yet to happen. I have never met the man. Maybe I will someday, but I'm not holding my breath.

All I know is, at least once a year, he throws one heck of a play date!