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Leap of Faith and Bye Bye Power Plant

Honeyrun Farm

-Posted by Isaac

I got call from a guy named Noah Toumert a while back. He had a big project due for some kind of film class at OSU. He had found our website off a honey bottle and decided that a day in the life of a beekeeper may prove interesting. Noah had never seen a bee yard, or even a beehive for that matter. Nor had his classmate Emily, who came along to help get things rolling.
The following is the result.

(The project by the way, a semester grade, was due in two days.)

What do you think? Not bad? Maybe a little rough with the audio and some of the visual...
But off camera, an A++ for procrastination, crazy campus life stories and the general hilarity of Emily screaming and running.

Toward the end of the video, I can be seen folding up a "NO POWER PLANT" sign. I told you that we'd keep you updated on that, and I dropped the ball. So here's what happened: We Won!
NTE is moving on, looking for some other rural community to ruin. And it wasn't just Jayne's TV interview that did it.

 Although I'm sure the interview played a major roll in their billion dollar decision. Haha.

It was the general public outcry. An entire community standing up and saying NO!
And throwing things.

My brother Justin and his wife Adrienne need to be given most of the credit. They are the ones who blew the whistle. They ordered the signs. They started the Facebook page. They went door to door.
A couple of weeks ago Justin sent out a kind of congratulatory email. I'll cut and paste some of it here for you to read.

"...and I believe that they would not risk the company's reputation over forcing a site with so much public opposition.
We now have a blueprint for the other energy companies that my come our way. They do not like public awareness and opposition. They do not like the media exposure. And they do not like threats toward their family members."

Justin said he was "just kidding" about that last one.

But I'm not so sure.