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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


"Every Day is Earth Day."

Honeyrun Farm

-Posted by Isaac

Happy Earth Day everyone!

"But every day is Earth Day." says miss Maizy Barnes.
Maizy enlightened us to this fact yesterday at breakfast.

This year in central Ohio, Earth Day starts with a cold rain. A rain which continues through the morning. Can't work bees (or don't want to), might as well blog.
That's ok, as soon as it breaks the bees don't have far to forage.

Awesome deadnettle this year

We had our annual pilgrimage to Chillicothe this last weekend.
Earth Gathering 2015:

Last year I blogged about this eclectic little festival.
The music is rich, awesome, fun and fantastic. And so are the people.
My neighbor this year was the talented Crystal Summers of Rising Phoenix Glass:

I stood entranced much of the day as Crystal made her art.
She distracted from honey sales!

A week and a half ago the weather was lovely. We took an Earth Day camping trip a little bit pre Earth Day.
Destination- Carter Caves, Kentucky.
I thought I would show you some "earthy" photos from that trip.

The hiking was beautiful, but not always easy. My brother Justin brought his kids along so we had eight children running through the woods, crawling through the caves and generally making a loud and chaotic commune with nature.

Head counts were often and necessary.

Baby's first cave:

The climbing was fun and easy. Or should I say "bouldering" for you purists?

And what goes better with camping than honey and cheese sticks?

I know:

This wonderful brew was made with Honeyrun honey, courtesy of Phil the engineer and hobby brewer.  Thanks Phil!

But nothing harder. There are no liquor sales in Carter Co. Kentucky.
Apparently their Kentucky honey is hard enough:

Ok for us. For lots of hiking, climbing and balancing acts, honey bodes better than alcohol anyway.


We were very (very!) thankful to have Aunt Becky along to help with the kids. 

How does she stay so fit? Well, it's not a plan at the gym. Nor is it yoga, pilates, spinning class or any of that craziness. I'd like to think she owes her fitness to us. To running our kids around. She should thank us.

But I suspect more credit is due Mother Nature and her chosen occupation.
See this field? At the end of one of those long weedless rows of garlic is a pink speck. Someone is way out there wearing pink overalls, pushing a wheel hoe.
That's Becky.