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We Miss You Mom.

Honeyrun Farm

-Posted by Isaac

We miss you Mom.
Please come home.

So Jayne took off for Portland last week. She's got things to do and people to see.

A whirlwind before she left:

Baby Eden turned ONE! And she quickly figured out what birthdays are all about.

The cub scouts toured brother Justin's farm. It was Jayne's idea... show these boys what a tractor actually does. What's a sprayer used for? A combine? A planter? A grain bin?

I don't know if any of it stuck, but they sure had fun playing with the big farm cat.

And then she was off, taking the baby with her. The easy one-year-old. (Ha Ha, you parents know that's a lie.)

 I'm left with the three oldest. The little terrors.

Yes, I managed to put up a zip line. This distracts them from the Leapster games and the computer long enough for me to squeeze in a blog post.

Let me show you some images from the past two weeks. Thinking back, the cold, the nasty, I really think we've landed on another planet. As I write, it's 55 degrees and nearly cloudless. What the??
Feels like we're waking from a bad dream.

Here's a fairly recent early morning trip up to the Worthington market:

As you can imagine, February crowds were somewhat thin. 
But thank you to you die hards who wouldn't let a pesky little Level I Emergency stand between you and your honey!

Out feeding bees, I had another brush with the law. That's two in a month!

"Makin' their way...The only way they know how."
...that's just a little bit more than the law will allow.

There's a good story behind this one. It involves bees, possums, mud and blood. But I can't give you the sordid details.  This is a family blog. You'll have to use your im-ag-i-nat-ion.

Eventually, ever so slowly, we began to see something we haven't seen since, hmmm, let me see... September?


The bees responded in kind.

Life has returned to this godforsaken Ohio Country!

Alive! Alive!

Alive! Alive!

I have made it around to the bee yards delivering powdered protein.
Here's something I can hardly believe. I knew the bees were crazy over protein this time of year, but this is almost baffling:

They ignore the honey! The maples and willows have yet to bloom and the bees are building brood. They need protein. Desperately! So much so, they by-pass the carbs in preference to artificial pollen. Almost unbelievable. As beekeeper Dan Williams responded in a text: You sure wouldn't see this in August!

Bridger has accompanied me the last two days. We've been protein angels. Delivering this precious stuff to our little honey angels.

So things are a bit different with Mommy gone.
The floor remains a wee bit messier. And we may happen to stay in our jammies a little longer.

Our palate for breakfast cereal...

                                 ... has become a bit more colorful. And I don't mean leafy green colorful.

Bon Appetite

 But the laundry is still getting done. One enjoyable use of this rare Ohio sunshine.

Full disclosure: I just had to show my domestication. Honey, I know you'll read this in Oregon and impress your cultured friends with your obviously bridled husband.

We even got a little hiking in with aunt Becky.

Mason later told his teacher about the very scenic and buttfell hike.

Buttfell yes,  but it wasn't much fun without you.

We miss you Mom.

Please come home.