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Buckeyes Win!

Honeyrun Farm

-Posted by Isaac

What an awesome season that was!

Did you avoid the tear gas and 89 dumpster fires?

And what a way to cap it off. Especially for a team that seemed to be perpetual underdogs and had so many things go wrong from the beginning. I'm not one to plan my week around it, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Buckeye football this year.
It's over?
Has life now left us empty? A meaningless void?

Oh yeah... there's always the bees.

Lately we've been doing a lot of shop work. Mainly building frames, waxing foundation and painting hive bodies.

Off in a forgotten corner of the shop, I found this:

Twelve years ago? Remember? Craig Krenzel and the underdog Buckeyes vs. Big Bad Miami?
I remember. I was unmarried, childless, (penniless) and living in Breckenridge, Colorado more or less as a ski bum. I watched that crazy game at my buddy's place in Fairplay. Riveting it was.
The previous day, I had gone hiking with some Ohio friends and a hot Mennonite girl named Jayne Gerber. We were on the Great Sand Dunes near Alamosa, and one of them (Clayton, you goof!) wrote a gigantic "OSU" by making tracks across the face of a high mountainous dune. We laughed when we reached the car. Looking back, you could clearly see it from over a mile away. And anyone pulling in the lot the next few days could also clearly see it.
I suppose this "vandalism" could be considered somewhat obnoxious if you were not a fan.
But hey, they won!

Winter has set in, hasn't it?
I hope the hive wraps are doing some good.

They certainly hold heat to the touch on a bright sunny day.

The bees are fun to watch. Even when it's a chilly 20 degrees, if the sun is out, there is still quite a bit of activity seen through the upper vent holes.

Hello in there!
We've been sledding and big game hunting.
Maizy stalked this herd behind the bee yard at Grandma's.

And look at this trophy!
What a kill! This baby's going on the wall.