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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


A Good Shop

Honeyrun Farm

-Posted by Isaac

I mentioned  we've been putting in some hours of shop work this winter. For beekeepers, winter is not only a time of dreaming and watching football. There's plenty to do-- thousands of frames build, brood boxes and supers to paint, foundation to wax, feeders to repair...
To do all this, you need a good shop. Maybe this is a good time to spotlight our little set-up.

When we moved back to Ohio in 2006, one of the first things I jumped into was turning an old garage into a shop.

Much to Jayne's chagrin.
It's not like there was nothing to do on the house. But I tried to explain why I needed to be out there day and night.
Eye rolling.
It's not just a dumpy little shack, Honey! It's the foundation of a business!
More eye rolling.

Well, anyway, eventually it got done. Electric, outlets, lighting, insulation, heat, benches, cabinets, drawers, tools, saws, grinders, nuts and bolts... the works!
And decor. Very important, decor... as you saw in my last post.

Now, spring, summer, fall and even cold winter, we can turn a pile of old bee boxes...

Why snowshoes?
Decor, very important.

...into a pile of old bee boxes with paint on them.

Heat, storage, decor. Check. check, check. 
And music. Also very important. Music.

Ok, enough already. Let me show you a real shop.
I spent some time in my brother's shop this week.
The first noticeable difference: there's room to move!

Also, new tools. Good for "borrowing."

I had to do some welding. He has a welder in his shop! Also a torch. Most beekeepers don't fool with that stuff.

Everything is air-powered:

A big compressor sits in a soundproof room.

Of course he has his toys.
And a little of his own brand of decor.

Some farm toys just a step out the door-

So we're cramped. That's ok.
We can still awkwardly fit three separate work stations.
Henry waxes foundation, Mr. Blair builds frames.
I watch.
I sip martinis and read Tolstoy. (Because it's a long day.)

Sometimes Jayne brings out the linens.
We both watch; nibble some Italian cheese with a touch of honey. Ah, so refined.

Thanks, Whole Foods!

So there you are.
The shop has evolved over the years. The work has evolved.
But I still contend, a good shop is the base of a successful career.
Whatever the career may be.

Masonry or general construction:

Or even animal husbandry: