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Birth and Birthday

Honeyrun Farm

-Posted by Isaac

It's been quite the eventful week on the farm. Monday started out with spring bee feeding expectations. I made a trip to pick up about three tons of bee feed:

On Tuesday morning, 4:30 AM, I started out on another trip. This one heading south to Kentucky to pick up an order of 3000 frames and foundation among other bee related odds and ends. About a mile down the dark road I noticed the trailer lights were out. I had to turn the whole outfit around and try to figure out what was going on. By daylight I was still no closer to a roadworthy trailer so I thought I might as well fix myself some breakfast.
That's about the time Jayne came downstairs. She was having labor pains!
Major surprise.
Our previous three babies were born a week past their due date. This one was apparently coming six days early! As it turned out the trailer problems were a blessing. I'd never live it down if our forth child was born while I was off in Kentucky hauling bee equipment.

By the day's end, she was in our arms:
Eden Caroline Barnes
Born March 4th. 8.0 lbs
What a beauty! What a cutie! Welcome to the World!

By this point in our baby having careers, the nurses and doctors all knew us as the beekeepers (the prolific beekeepers). I was surprised to receive quite a few thank-yous and compliments about the honey we brought two years ago when Bridger was born.
 Couldn't disappoint this time around.

Yes, of course, the big one was for Dr. Goldfarb.
He catches a baby and gets all that honey. Isn't that just the way?

Eden timed it perfectly so that we'd have to stay two nights as captives in the hospital. The family all had to visit. Welcome to the noisy world, little girl.
My brother brought cigars. Once again, adamantly, Jayne refused to let the baby have even one puff.

So after nearly 48 hours we were homeward bound with a new addition in tow:
Even for you, Eden!

And the day we drove Eden home happened to be Mason's birthday.
Our little rocket scientist turned six!

He's pretty serious about space.
Everything space.
When asked if he wanted to play basketball in town this winter, he responded, "No, I guess not..."
"Why not, Mason?"
"Because... it's not about science."

Now that's my boy!
We thought he could handle a telescope:

So far we've been able to explore the interstellar mysteries of bird feeders, branches and sandbox toys.

At this point in his career his head is completely in the stars with almost zero interest in bees. Maybe he'll come around, maybe not. (Beekeeping really is about science, Mason!)

And even if the astronomy doesn't work out, he's smart and talented; so many roads for a young man such as this:

Urgent Update: (at Jayne's request)   I would like to clarify that I'm not laughing at Mason in this video, just the funniness of it all. In fact I didn't discover the little "plumber aspect" until re-watching it. Also, I'm not knocking on plumbers. There have been many instances, living in this old house, that I have wished I was one.