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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


And Bridger Helped

Honeyrun Farm

 -Posted by Isaac

Mason and Maizy both get on the school bus these days.
Bridger and I can now finally get some work done in peace.
Today we went out on one of the last pollen runs of the season.

The supply of incoming goldenrod pollen is dwindling. It's been a good run.
The bees are packing this beautiful nutritious stuff away for winter.

But the white aster continues to feed in abundance.

It was a big chunk honey week in the honey house. In a less then ideal honey year, comb honey is pretty hard to get.
Perfect comb, that is.
As I think I said in a previous blog post, we produced hundreds of Ross Round comb sections that didn't quite make the cut.
This means they get sliced and go into a jar as chunk honey.

These will be put into the freezer a while. Eventually they get pulled out, bottled with summer honey surrounding the comb, labeled and taken to a farmers market. Expect to see them most of the winter at Worthington.

Bridger helped.

This evening, instead of cutting up comb honey we cut up pumpkins. Maizy's preschool had their annual day of pumpkin carving on Darby Creek Rd.

 Pumpkins, songs, cookies and juice...

And Bridger helped.