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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


Lavender in June

Honeyrun Farm

-Posted by Isaac

With the heat comes the lavender.
I love to take a few minutes on a hot June afternoon, walk out to the garden and catch some of the action:

Yes I griped about it when Jayne asked me to put some lavender beds in. That was years ago. And yes, I still occasionally gripe about weeding. Jayne by now knows to take the griping with a grain of salt. 
Overall, I have to say planting that lavender was a very good idea... just for the relaxing entertainment and peace of mind it brings.

We originally planted those beds for the beauty of the lavender sprigs. When Honeyrun Farm started, flowers were a part of the business (And we still sometimes get asked for bouquets at market.)
Then we shifted to adding the lavender to the honey.

As many of you know lavender infused honey goes great with certain recipes, tea, coffee... I like it mixed into a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Now, for the steeping of the honey, we buy the dried lavender in bags (USDA rules). It is simply added and mixed into a bucket of honey, steeped for about two weeks and strained out.

These days the lavender in the garden is left alone for the enjoyment of bees, bugs, butterflies and humans alike.