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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


Crocus tommasinianus and other Spring time wonders

Honeyrun Farm

-posted by Jayne

It's snowing today in Ohio, but that doesn't mean we can't delight in the wonders of Spring.  I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful little Crocus tommasinianus.  The best thing about this crocus is that it flowers early in the season, and you can plant it in your yard.  Since it flowers early, the green part of the plant has plenty of time to store energy for the bulb for coming years, which is why you can easily naturalize it in your yard, mow the green part down after the grass begins to grow, and still have it come back every year to reproduce and multiply.  It is easy to grow in all soil types and produces lots of flowers.  I planted 100 bulbs throughout the yard at least 4 years ago, and we still get these impressive little clumps dotting our landscape.  

 Isaac has noticed the bees bringing in some bright yellow pollen, and we believe this is coming from these little crocus.

Isaac and Maizy took advantage of a sunny day last week to get in to the hives and check things out.  Maizy is a natural, "Give me that {hive tool} daddy, I know what I'm doing!"

And now a tip for your upcoming Easter pot-lucks.  Did you know that honey can prevent your apple slices from browning?  Since honey contains antioxidants it will slow the browning process.  Of course you can always use lemon, lime, or some other citrus.  But I personally find the flavor of honey a lot more appealing than the tart citrus.  Simply place your peeled and sliced apples in a bowl, drizzle with some honey, and toss.

 Speaking of Easter, did you know we have a new candle in our Etsy store?  Just in time for those Springtime festivities.  Behold, the egg candle!

And for our Cincinnati fans; our honey is proudly being served at Collective Espresso.  My cousin Dave just started this new coffee shop in Over The Rhine.  Order some tea or coffee and ask for some honey to sweeten the deal.

Here's to warm weather on the horizon!