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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


And the winner is.... (drumroll, please)

Honeyrun Farm

#1 !!  Julie Scordato, please step up and claim your prize!!!

Using the True Random Number Generator at, response #1 was chosen as the winner to our $25.00 gift certificate, with free shipping!  Julie, it is time to peruse our shop and decide what you would like.  (And really... does #1 EVER win??)  Feel free to post your acceptance speech in the comments section, Julie.  Just don't rub it in to the losers too bad.

Now we have some insightful questions to answer from our blog readers.  Here are just a few quick answers to a few:

65 Roses for Marcia asked:  "Can you bring some honey for me if you are coming for thanksgiving? And what is your very favorite kind of honey out of all the types you produce??"

Our Answer:  Our honey is now for sale in 2 locations in Holmes County, Marcia!  Country Craft Cupboard- in Berlin, and the Walnut Creek Flea Market (this is the one located near Cherry Ridge, towards Sugarcreek).  Our favorite kind of honey is Spring honey, due to it's light delicate nature, however we use Summer Honey more often in cooking.  We actually have a 2 lb. jar of Spring, Summer, and Fall on our kitchen table at all times.  

Spring honey is our favorite... because it is light and delicate,
but also because it is rare.  We hate to see it sell out!
And Cappywanna asks:  "I have seen whole pieces of honeycomb sold at farmers markets and such- what would you do with a whole comb? just shove it in your mouth and chew? mmm..."
Comb can be chewed, spread on toast, spooned into tea, eaten with cheese,
peanut butter and honey sandwiches... the possibilities are endless!

Yes, indeed... shove it in your mouth and chew!  You can even eat the wax, although many prefer to chew the comb until the honey is gone, then spit out the wax.  Old-timers say that comb honey was the first chewing gum.  It was a treat for kids (and still is today), and also great for spreading on toast.  Some people prefer comb because it guarantees that the honey is raw.  If it was heated, the comb would melt!  

Thanks again for all the great questions!  We will answer more in upcoming posts!

-posted by Jayne