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Fall Honey and Random Business

Honeyrun Farm

-Posted By Isaac

Back from Big Sky Country and we seem to be firing on all cylinders. I can't help but wish the engine was bigger though... after seeing some of the commercial beekeeping out there!

I guess the most relevant thing going on is the goldenrod/ aster honey. I've spent this somewhat cold week pulling honey and feeding bees in the gorgeous October sunshine. You really can't beat Fall beekeeping.  It's beautiful out, there is a bit less honey so the pace is not as frantic, and you rarely sweat clear through your shirt and jeans like in the middle of July.

 You can see the brilliant orange/ yellow comb made when the bees are on goldenrod.

I pulled about 2000 pounds this week and we'll cross our fingers for another 2000 lbs or so in the weeks to come.

Our worker Ryan stays busy in the honey house.
(At least while I'm looking.)
 The goldenrod bloom is pretty much over but the white aster has come on strong this year. This gives the Fall honey a distinct minty taste that mixes with the mellow butterscotch taste of the goldenrod.
White Aster
Other random business:
 A week ago Dan Williams, our bee club president tipped me off about a big beekeeper up north who had a bunch of boxes for sale.
I, of course, couldn't pass up a good deal...
So now we have a barn full of winter work. Whew... what a relief. I wouldn't want to take it easy or anything!
"Daddy, just take the picture so I can go to school."

 On Sunday, Green Been Delivery had their customer appreciation lunch at Blendon Woods Metro Park. I served up cut-comb honey and talked bees.
Yum! Summer Comb.
 There was a lot of sword fighting, but no real injuries as far as I could tell.

On Wednesday, Jayne took up a rather large order for the Greener Grocer market bag. (Thanks, Colleen!) This program must be a real hit. Every time a market bag order comes it seems to have doubled in size.
Sorry Jayne, - blurred picture
 At some point this week we decided that the cold nights were just too cold. It was time to fire up the stove. Problem- a mischievous crawling little boy. I found some old barn wood and put together a Bridger keep-out fence. Now we're ready for winter.
Let's kick the tires'n light the fires, lil Bridge!
On a final note, Jayne and my sister Becky from Dangling Carrot Farm went over to my brother's house to watch the vice presidential debates last night. A reporter from NPR was there to do a story on our politically dysfunctional family. It hit the press this morning. I thought you might be interested.
Me... no, not interested. I put the kids to bed and extracted honey for another hour. Hey, somebody's got to keep this country running while you all debate.
Joe Six Pack needs his honey!