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Honeyrun Farm produces pure raw, honey, handcrafted soap, and beeswax candles in Williamsport, Ohio


Spring Planting and Swarm Season

Honeyrun Farm

Swarm season is upon us!  We have caught 6 swarms so far this year, and hope for many more.  Here is a picture of one of our hives as it is getting ready to swarm.  Usually when a hive is ready to swarm they will cluster on the front of their box, and soon you will start to notice hundreds... maybe thousands of bees buzzing through the air in an excited frenzy.  This hive came to us last year as a swarm... they had made their home in this duck box.  Since it was late in the season, we decided not to transfer them to a new hive, but to let them stay in the duck box, which Isaac fixed up on this tree next to our shop.  Obviously they are a bit crowded in such small quarters, and are throwing out a swarm to try to make room for themselves.

The sweet corn has been planted!  Justin, Adam, and Wesley Barnes helped get everything set up, and Justin did the planting.  It is a great help that we have family so willing to loan equipment, time, and expertise on big jobs such as this.  

From working in the greenhouse, to keeping the plants healthy and watered, selling plants on the weekends, trying to get seeds and transplants into the ground as the weather allows... I can't believe we're almost half way through May!  Below is a picture from our Greenhouse Open House a few weeks ago.  

Becky has been very busy planting, although the weather has not always been cooperative.  Here is a picture of her carharts and shoes after she planted onions in the rain.  Upon first glance I couldn't really tell that those were her shoes, but under the layer of muck, they really are there.

Fellow friend and farmer Kristen Baughman came to help plant potatoes, asparagus, and berries.  Here is a picture of her driving the tractor, while Becky prepares the potato planter.  Adam from Wayward Seed Farm loaned us this implement, which was extremely helpful and made planting potatoes so much quicker.  It was really fun to watch.  Becky fed the potatoes into the hopper while Kristen drove.  Now the only overwhelming thought is digging the potatoes when they are ready!  I'm sure they make a machine for that, but not sure if we know anyone who wants to loan it out.  

If you are headed out in the Columbus area this weekend, come check out our markets!  I will be selling honey, beeswax candles, plants, flowers, and more at the first ever Eco Chic Craftacular, located at the Whetstone Community Center in Clintonville on Saturday and Sunday.  Becky will be up in Worthington for the farmer's market, and she has some beautiful Easter Egg radishes, French Breakfast Radishes, and possibly some Arugula (maybe for those first few lucky customers).  We hope to see you there!