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How to make a Ginger Bug

Jayne Barnes

-posted by Jayne

Today I am sharing a honey recipe for a "Ginger Bug", that can be used to create fizzy fermented beverages sometimes called ginger beer or natural soda. These are great if you are trying to cut the habit of drinking pop and other unhealthy drinks. It is similar to kombucha, but the ginger bug is a wild ferment made from naturally occurring bacteria.

Ingredients Needed: 2 TB Raw Honey, 3-4 TB Organic Ginger Root, and 1 quart Filtered Water

Grate your ginger with the skins left on and mix it with the honey and water.

Add filtered water to top the jar.  Stir.

Cover with cheesecloth (I just used a thin kitchen towel.)  Stir the jar every day.  If fermenting longer than 2 days, add more ginger and honey to the jar.  

Part 2 Once the mixture has fermented, you can use it to make a fizzy drink. At that point, you strain off about 1/4 cup of the liquid, mix that into sweetened tea, fruit juice or a combination, and then you pour it into a flip-top bottle or mason jar and secure that tightly. At this point, you want it to be airtight because that is what's going to set the bubbles. Let it ferment for about 3-5 days after that.

If you're using a mason jar, make sure to burp it from time to time to prevent over-accumulation of carbon dioxide and other gases.

Weathering the weather

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

The first thing that needs said is that the bees are looking fantastic.

Hive after hive, just bursting at the seams. I've never seen them looking so good at such an early date. But maybe I said that last year, I don't know? It was our spring in February that did it, of course. A few 75 degree days can trick about anyone. Even maple trees and queen honeybees. The result: now we've got a lot of mouths to feed.

A week ago I made it around to almost everybody, checking and feeding, thinking about the splits to come.

And wouldn't you know it, old crotchety mother nature pulled another sneaky trick. A dirty trick. 

This morning I loaded up for honey deliveries with numb hands and stinging ears. Dark and windy and oh so freakin cold! The radio told me it was a negative two degree windchill.

Our pachyderms of Goodale Park welcomed the Ides of March with snotcicles.

"Et tu, Brute?"

"Et tu, Brute?"

We weathered the last cold snap with a hot tub. It was a nice February getaway. A quiet, romantic outing to the Hocking Hills. Hehe. Yeah right.

The warmth quickly came back and tricked the bees into brooding up early.

And then came the flooding.

Which was disheartening for me because I couldn't reach many of the bee yards for several days. However, Bridger weathered it like a champ. But some people will work through anything.

I eventually did manage to make it around to most of the yards. But March always brings other fun distractions.

For instance, we have a couple birthdays.

And there is always the annual Westfall Science Extravaganza.

For the really tough questions, we had an expert on hand.

And finally, finally.... today after deliveries, I made it to the last two bee yards. By afternoon it had heated up to a balmy 20 degree windchill.

More sugar patties and a shot of protein. Yes it's time once again to give the girls some protein.  

Which is good. They're building up.

And it gives me something to talk about next week.