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Food Ain't Free

Jayne Barnes

-Posted by Isaac

Super Bowl Time!         Who Dey!


Oh, wait a minute...

For an Ohioan, February football is basically meaningless. Has been, and will remain meaningless far far into the foreseeable future. Go Bengals! (7-9) Go Browns! (0-16). But if you're like me, regardless of your football apathy, that won't stop you from watching the big game. Why, just the other day, I found out who's in it. Now I've got to figure out why I should root for one team and not the other. And on top of that, the really demanding part is figuring out where I'm going to watch this thing, and with whom. It's all so stressful. 

The stress doesn't stop there. This year we've got the added burden of figuring out what posture we're going to take during the national anthem. As you know, it's a hot-button issue. And I don't much care what you snowflakes decide to do, but as for me and mine, we're standing. When it comes time to honor America, I stand.

And I march directly to the kitchen...

...and I pay tribute to Digiorno and Red Barron and Tostitos. 

And I may just salute a Bud Lite. Or perhaps, if I'm feeling cultured, show my respect for a can of Miller High Life.

Running to the living room, I fight to get my seat back. And if they're still singing on TV, I charge back to the kitchen to quickly honor a bowl of ice cream with a hefty spoonful of chopped almonds.

That's the important part, the almonds. 

That big serving of  California almonds gives me pause. It helps me reflect on the many heroes out on the road this very night.


Too often we take for granted the brave men and women out fighting for our nation's food security.


They stoically endure the many hardships, trials, and long hours of this demanding, often thankless job.

Far too often we forget.

Commercial Beekeepers. The tip of the spear.

Securing our abundance. Defending our appetites. Guarding our way of life.


Because we love our freedom.

And we love our football.

And we love our food.

Good God Almighty, do we love our food!


It would be a shame to overlook the sacrifice of these true American heroes.

So for once, let's unite. Get up! Grab a fork! Have big ol' serving of Pride! Lest we forget our brave men and women on the front lines, I truly hope you'll join me in the time honored tradition of filling your plate during the national anthem. 

In so doing, we honor our heroes. Our food soldiers. 


Because food ain't free.

Oh no folks, food ain't free.